Endoscope System

Used Justia EPX-3000

Used FUJIFILM Justia EPX-3000 for sale, Pre-owned YOM 2009, tested ready to use, Keyboard, CD monitor CDL1576A, color printer, video scope EG-3000N

Used Justia EPX-3000 sale descriptions

Used FUJIFILM Justia EPX-3000 for sale, pre-owned in excellent working and very good cosmetic condition.

Manufacturer: FUJIFILM

Model Name: Justia

Processor: EPX-3000

Year: 2009

Condition: Good condition ready to working

** More photos available upon request

Used FUJIFILM Justia EPX-3000 sale includes;

  • Keyboard
  • Color LCD Monitor CDL-1576A 
  • Digital Image File DF-60M  
  • Remote Controle RM-DF50M
  • Watter Bottle (New)
  • Color Image Processor CP910-F 
  • Video scope for nasal: EG-3000N
  • Trolley