Topcon SL-D7 Slit Lamp

Used Topcon SL-D7 Slit Lamp for sale, Pre-owned, DC-3 Integrated, Lenses are clean, Filing System IMAGE net MVS, Tonometer AT900C/M, Powers On and has good bulb
$ 3500
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Used Topcon SL-D7 Slit Lamp for sale, DC-3 Integrated

Pre-owned Topcon SL-D7 Slit Lamp in good clean cosmetic condition. DC-3 Integrated, the lenses are clean and has usb capability, a computer and software includes, Powers on and has good bulb, Filing System IMAGE net MVS, Tonometer AT900C/M.

Manufacturer: Topcon

Model Name: SL-D7

Year: 2008

Condition: Excellent used & certified ready to working order

*** More photos available upon request

The Topcon SL-D7 with its optional Digital Photo Attachment allows for sharp and clear slit lamp photography images. The SL-D7 can be interfaced with the optional DC-3 integrated digital camera for 8 megapixel imaging or the DC-3 photo attachment for color and monochrome imaging.

Key Features

  • Five magnification ratios: 6X, 10X, 16X, 25X, and 40X
  • Convergent binocular tubes
  • Incorporated amber filter
  • Optional DC-3 digital camera for 8 megapixel imaging or Nikon photo attachment for 12 megapixel imaging
  • The optional DC-3 digital photo attachment converts the SL-D7 into a digital photo slit lamp capable of color and monochrome imaging.
  • Available in table mount or unit configuration

Download Topcon SL-D7 Slit Lamp Product Literature