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Zeiss SL-130 Slit Lamp

Used Carl Zeiss SL-130 Slit Lamp for sale, pre-owned complete Slit Lamp, Good Condition, Powers ON, Ready to working unit

Zeiss SL-130 Slit Lamp sale descriptions

Used Carl Zeiss SL-130 Slit Lamp for sale, pre-owned in very good cosmetic and operating condition

Sale includes Lumenis power table with power up down switch. This Carl Zeiss SL-130 Slit Lamp has been used in conjunction with laser. Peripheral equipment attached to slit lamp to allow use with laser is included. Unit magnification is 5x, 8x, 12x, 20x, 32x. Eyepieces are 10x. Includes blue, green, gray, swing-in heat absorbing filter. Controls on both sides of unit to allow use with right or left hand.

Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss

Model Name: SL-130

Year: 2006

Condition: Excellent used & certified ready to working order

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SL 130 Slit Lamp

Premium optical quality for all applications
The SL 130 is the instrument of choice for eye care professionals requiring a slit lamp with premium optical quality and high-precision mechanics to perform the complete range of eye care procedures.

Ideal operation
With its symmetrically arranged, easy-grip slit projector controls, the SL 130 provides excellent support for laser therapies with the optional VISULINK® 532/U in combination with VISULAS® 532s, as well as for contact glass examinations. System operation is intuitive and highly accurate, enabling precise adjustments of length, width and rotated slit image. And ergonomic advances are also very much in evidence in the form of the ACCENTO® ergo tube, which supports comfortable working positions and prevents neck and back strain. The SL 130 comes with a choice of parallel or convergent tube to cater to different working preferences.

Convenient imaging
The SL 130 features the SL Imaging Module, enabling image and video recording of all examinations – whether for documentation, patient consultation or presentations. The SL cam 5.0, a fully integrated, highly compact 5-megapixel camera, and the SL imaging software, combine forces to deliver high-resolution images and videos. User-specific capture settings and image review functionalities promote a smooth workflow.
The SL Imaging Module is also available as an easy upgrade kit for existing SL 130 slit lamps

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