Surgical Microscope

Leica M525 F40 Spine Microscope Neuro Surgical

Sell used, pre-owned Leica M525 F40 Spinal Microscope Neuro Surgical in perfect working condition. This Microscope just came out of a closed hospital and is in perfect working condition.

Leica M525 F40 Spine Microscope Neuro Surgical sale descriptions

Selling used Leica M525 F40 Spinal Microscope Neuro Surgical in perfect working condition. This Microscope just came out of a closed hospital and is in perfect working condition. Please look at all picture for details.

The Leica M525 optics feature the latest Leica OptiChrome technology. By integrating new glass, coatings, and design parameters, Leica’s high-resolution OptiChrome technology delivers the expanded working distance, greater depth of focus, and additional illumination needed for precision microsurgery and forms the basis for the world’s most advanced optical system. Leica M525 optics deliver the following outstanding benefits:

  • Longer 32% extended working distance to 470mm
  • Deeper 30% increased depth of focus at same magnification
  • Brighter 30% more light intensity
  • Sharper Higher contrast and crisper, sharper image
  • Smarter AutoIris – Coupled illuminated field size and field of view


Leica M525 F40 Technical data

Electrical data
Power supply 100–230 V~, 50/60 Hz, 800 VA
Classification Class 1
Type Type B
Leica M525 Microscope
Magnification 6:1 zoom, motorized
Working distance 207mm – 470mm, variable through motorized multifocal lens; manually adjustable
Focusing Motorized or manual via multifocal lens, manual via swing arm
Eyepieces Wide-field eyepiece for spectacle wearers 10x and 12.5x, dioptric setting +/– 5 with adjustable eye cup
Objective Multifocal lens, 207mm – 470mm variable working distance
Main illumination High performance 300-watt xenon lamp through fiber optic
Illumination Illumination field diameter with Gaussian light distribution
Field diameter Automatically adjusted to the field of vision and manually adjustable
Emergency lamp 21V/150-watt halogen lamp through fiber optic
Control unit Graphic LCD data display with background illumination, menu provides up to 8 user-specific configurations with built-in auto diagnostic system
Optical data
Magnification range 1.2x – 12.8x with 10x eyepiece
Field of view diameter 16.5mm – 180mm with 10x eyepiece
Leica M525 F40 stand
Type Floor stand with 6 electromagnetic brakes
Balancing Manual balancing for the swing arm, manual balancing for the microscope carrier
Hand grips Controls for microscope zoom position, variable working distance via multifocal lens, and for the six electromagnetic brakes
Maximum load 10kg of accessories to the microscope
Maximum range 1440mm
Range of up / down –350mm/+421mm (771mm)
Maximum transport height 1950mm
Weight with microscope fully loaded 280kg
Leica ULT 500 180° stereo observer, Main / Assistant surgeon 40% each beam path, Assistant / Video on selectable side 20% each beam path
Second observer Dual stereo attachment: 70% / 30%, stereo attachment for second observer for beam splitter
Beam splitter 50% / 50% / 70% / 30%
Binocular tube Variable angle 0° – 180°, variable angle 30° – 150°
Video Adapter 3:1 zoom, 35mm – 100mm focal length, c-mount, with fine focus
Imaging Leica DI C500 high resolution true color dual imaging module for correlated and non correlated data display, 1024×768 pixel resolution, 256 grey scale
Asepsis Sterilizable protective glass for the objective; sterilizable components for all drive knobs, commercially available drapes
Laser Various commercially available lasers and laser shutters can be attached
Conformity CE
  • Medical devices directive 93/42/EEC
    Classification: Class I, in compliance with appendix IX, rule 1, with reference to rules 12 of the directive.
  • Medical electrical equipment, Part 1: General requirements for safety IEC 60601-1; EN 60601-1; UL60601-1;
    CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO. 601.1-M90
  • Electromagnetic compatibility IEC 60601-1-2; EN 60601-1-2
    The Surgical Division, within Leica Microsystems (Schweiz) AG, holds the management system certificate for the international standards ISO 9001:2000 / ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 14001:2004 relating to quality management, quality assurance and environmental management.