Overview Used Leica M844 F40 Surgical Microscope
Surgical Microscope

Used Leica M844 F40 Surgical Microscope

Used Leica M844 F40 Microscope for sale, Fully functional in excellent patient ready condition, included F40 Floor stand, Wireless Foot pedal, Panasonic GP-US932CA HD Camera Control Unit

Used Leica M844 F40 Surgical Microscope sale descriptions

For sale excellent pre-owned Leica M844 F40 Surgical Microscope with Wireless Foot pedal. Lighting, Reddori flex observation image quality and Assistant for full stereoscopic vision. Latest of ophthalmic surgical microscope, low 5,000 hours used. Fully functional in excellent patient ready condition. All items are sold in as-is condition. 

Package includes:

  • Leica M844 Surgical Microscope
  • Leica F40 Floor stand
  • Leica Ottoflex: Red Reflex
  • Assistant's microscope
  • HD Camera System Panasonic GP-US932A
  • Control unit with touch screen (Two-in-one display, control and video display in one)
  • Medical Monitor Neovo
  • Wireless footswitch
  • Dust Cover

Leica M844 Ophthalmic microscope for advanced eye surgery

Combining a higher level of optical quality than ever before with the best technologies of today’s surgical microscopes, the Leica M844 truly redefines the premium class of oph-thalmic surgical microscopes.

Uniquely Leica
Crisp and sharp!: LeicaAPO OptiChrome TM M844 Optics provide the highest resolution to see even the smallest anato-mical details.
Same perfect view, same perfect light!: LeicaQuadZoom TM gives both the surgeon and assistant 100% of the illumination and the same magnification.
Safety for the patient, fatigue-free viewing for the surgeon!: Leicaexclusive direct illumination system offers the best clarity, contrast and colour at safe low-light levels

Leica introduces the original APO OptiChrome
Providing an extraordinary degree of light transmission for maxi-mum detail recognition is critical for all types of ophthalmic microsurgery. For the posterior segment surgeon, where availability of light is limited, a high degree of light transmission is essential. For refractive and anterior segment surgery, low light is always better for the patient.
Expect only the highest standards in optics from the Leica M844
• Sharper and crisper image
• Higher light transmission
• Natural colour fidelity
• Outstanding depth of focus
• Higher contras

Efficient illumination
By utilising four separate beam paths through the same common zoom system, the Leica QuadZoom TM delivers 100% APO OptiChrome TM stereovision and 100% illumination for both the main surgeon and the assistant.

2 × 2 views always synchronized
By putting both pairs of beam paths through one common zoom system, as the surgeon changes magnification, the assistant’s view is perfectly synchronized with the surgeon’s view

Low light ensures fatigue-free viewing and patient safety
With two bulbs and two prisms, the Leica M844 creates true three-dimensional illumination. Using a focused, direct illumination system instead of fiber optics, the Leica M844 takes a ray of light and projects a crisp, sharp and homogeneous image even at very low light levels. Proven for over 25 years, this combination of direct halogen illumination and highly efficient optical transmission ensures patient safety and fatigue-free viewing for the surgeon

See things in a different light
OttoFlexTM II, an integrated independent illumination system, gives a brilliant red reflex even in low light conditions and enhances the view’s contrast. Difficult anatomical conditions, such as small pupils or very advanced cataracts are more easily visualised through this unique system. Continuously adjustable from 4 mm to 35 mm diameter, OttoFlexTM II places the brightness where the surgeon needs it most

Intuitive control unit
The touch panel offers intuitive control of all the Leica M844 functions. The control unit’s operation is simple and straightforward with many innovative features.

Everyone is an individual
Customised start settings, such as illumination and magnification levels, are easily programmed into the control unit for up to 30 different users. By having a surgeon’s individual settings available at the touch of a button, the microscope is instantly ready for the next procedure and/or surgeon and the workflow of the surgical team is faster and more efficient.

StepCycle TM for greater efficiency
Different levels of light, focus and zoom can optimize each phase of surgery. Making these adjustments today takes surgeons’ precious time. The automatic StepCycle TM function enables the surgeon to program predefined settings that are used throughouttypical surgical procedures. After simple programming, a touch of a button on the foot pedal will activate the microscope’s prede- fined settings, step by step, during the procedure.

Real-time video
With one touch of a button the control unit’s display becomes a general use, real-time video monitor, which allows an immediate and convenient view of the current surgical procedure for the operating room staff. For general video viewing there is no need for an extra video cart

Easy to use from start to finish

Leica F40 space saving stand with extended net reach
The Leica M844 F40 has the smallest footprint and the longest net reach of any ophthalmic surgical microscope on the market. Due to this design, the microscope is easy to position anywhere around the operating table. Four large, fully pivoting casters and an easy to grasp handlebar make the microscope effortless to transport into and out of position.
Auto Reset and it’s ready to go
When the surgeon pushes the swingarm up after each procedure, all the microscope functions automatically reset and the microscope is ready for the next case. A real time saver for the operating room staff and peace of mind for the surgeon.
Focus Lock – for quick movement in and out of the operative site
Focus Lock allows the surgeon to move the microscope in and out of position laterally. With the microscope staying on the same focus plane, the surgeon does not have to waste precious time refocusing to continue his procedure

Positioning in the Operating Room
The extra long reach of the Leica M844 F40 allows flexible positioning, even in small rooms with many pieces of equipment. Whether on the side of the patient or over the surgeon’s shoulder, the M844 F40 leaves a lot of space around the operating table