Used FUJIFILM EC-250WL5 for sale, pre-owned YOM 2006 in good condition ready to working
$ 3500
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Used FUJIFILM EC-250WL5 for sale, pre-owned YOM 2006 in excellent working condition with all OEM parts, tested and patient ready

Manufacturer: FUJIFILM

Model Name:  EC-250WL5

Year: 2006

Condition: Good condition ready to working

FUJIFILM EC-250WL5 Specification

- Field of view: 140º

- Depth of field: 5~100mm

- Distal End/Outer diameter: 12.8mm

- Working Length: 1,690mm

- Bending Section: UP180º DW180º R 160º L 160º

- Total Length: 1,990mm