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Leica M620 F20 Surgical Microscope

Leica M620 F20 Microscope for sale, with its crisp, sharp OptiChrome optics, Leica’s direct halogen illumination system


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Leica M620 F20 Surgical Microscope sale descriptions

Leica M620 F20 Microscope for sale, All-round surgical microscope for ophthalmology with its crisp, sharp OptiChrome optics, Leica’s direct halogen illumination system

The Leica M620 surgical microscope is a perfect balance of form and function. Precision optics combined with the finest mechanics make the Leica M620 an outstanding choice. Swiss design, quality and precision – the Leica M620 meets the needs of modern day ophthalmic surgery.

High-quality and reliable performance

The Leica M620 microscope features Leica Microsystems’ exclusive OptiChrome optics and Direct Halogen Illumination system. As a result of more than 25 years of experience in developing surgical microscopes dedicated to ophthalmology, the Leica  M620 offers the quality and reliability of a premium surgical microscope at an attractive price/performance value.

Compact, light and easy to move

The Leica F20 floorstand is compact and moves easily. With the high-quality precision bearings and a long swingarm, the stand is highly maneuverable and easy to set up for surgery

Brilliance in Optics and Light

Leica OptiChrome Optics

Leica Microsystems’ crisp, sharp OptiChrome optics give the surgeon natural color, outstanding depth of focus and high contrast for maximum detail recognition. The high degree of light transmission with OptiChrome technology allows the surgeon to use lower degrees of illumination and thus provides better patient safety.

Direct Halogen Illumination

Leica Microsystems’ exclusive Direct Halogen Illumination system ensures that the surgeon will have homogeneous illumination to see crisp images even at low light levels. Direct illumination is a feature that consistently places Leica ophthalmic microscopes above the systems with fiber optics illumination.

Outstanding Red Reflex

Based on more than 25 years of experience with Direct Halogen Illumination, Leica Microsystems developed an illumination concept that allows an absolutely stable Red Reflex. Even with difficult starting positions or heavy pigmentation of the patient’s eye, the Red Reflex has outstanding intensity.

Individually optimized Red Reflex

The jalousie, which can be operated in sterile conditions, allows perfect illumination for any surgical situation with optimum contrast and depth of field. It helps to further enhance and optimize the Red Reflex

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