Leica M844 F40

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Leica M844 F40 Microscope for sale with F40 Floorstand, brand new conditon, never used
$ 44999

Leica M844 F40 Microscope for sale with F40 Floorstand

Brand new condition

Leica M844 Surgical Microscope System sale includes;

  • F40 Floorstand
  • 1 set of 10x eyepieces
  • 1 set of 8.3x eyepieces
  • M800 Optichrome Objective (175mm)
  • Leica Zoom Adapter (35-100mm)
  • 1x Hitachi Digital 3 chip video camera

The Leica M844 F40 belongs to the premium class of ophthalmic surgical microscopes and offers optimal solutions particularly for posterior and high-end anterior segment surgery.

Combined with the Leica M844 APO OptiChrome™ optics and direct halogen illumination, the system offers the best clarity, contrast, and sharp, true anatomical color images at safer low-light levels. The result: a safer linkage between the diagnostic and surgical image.

Features, such as the QuadZoom™ technology, the Double Wing Assistant Bridge, and HD recording - exclusively available from Leica Microsystems - make it furthermore the ideal microscope for Teaching Institutes and University Hospitals.