Surgical Microscope

Used Carl Zeiss OPMI Pentero Floor Stand


Used Carl Zeiss OPMI Pentero for sale, year 2006, low hour used at doctor office environment only, maintenanced by authorized Carl Zeiss service


Used Carl Zeiss OPMI Pentero Floor Stand for sale, manufacture year 2006, low hour used, only used at doctor office environment. Regularly maintenance by authorized Carl Zeiss service, this microscope is fully functional and in excellent condition. 

Carl Zeiss OPMI Pentero sale package includes:

  • Carl Zeiss OPMI Pentero
  • Integrated Digital Video System 3 CCD
  • Zeiss Pentero optics
  • Face to Face Bridge
  • 2x Binocular head with adjustable angle from 0 to 180 degrees
  • Visual focusing aid with two converging laser spots
  • Varioskop
  • Auto-Balance - AutoBalance of the microscope, suspension system or entire system by pushing a button
  • MultiVision System - Integrated data display with shutter function 
  • AutoDrape System - Integrated vacuum system to remove air from sterile drape for fast and easy draping
  • Floor Stand 
  • Touchscreen 
  • Handgrips

Technical Spesifications:

  • Electrically controlled microscope via electromagnetic brakes
  • High-end optics with high depth of field
  • Smooth adjustment of zoom and focus
  • Auto balance 


  • Motorized zoom, apochromatic, 1:6 ratio
  • Magnification of the eyepieces: 10x
  • Varioskop - Multifocal lens, 200mm – 500mm variable working distance
  • 2x Inclined binocular head with adjustable angle from 0 to 180 degrees
  • Type of Focus: Superlux 330 - Xenon: 300 W
  • Adjustable light intensity
  • Microscope AutoBalance independent of position or accessories
  • Magnification dependant automatic brightness adjustment