Surgical Microscope

Used Carl Zeiss Opmi Visu 150 S7

Used Carl Zeiss Opmi Visu 150 for sale with S7 Floor Stand, Pre-owned in excellent cosmetic and working condition

Used Carl Zeiss Opmi Visu 150 S7 sale descriptions

Used Carl Zeiss Opmi Visu 150 S7 Floor Stand for sale. Pre-owned in excellent cosmetic and working condition, was used only at doctor office environment.

Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss
Condition: Used
Model Name:  Opmi Visu 150

Used Carl Zeiss Opmi Visu 150 sale includes;

  • Carl Zeiss Opmi Visu microscope
  • Binocular Assistance
  • Zeiss 0-180 degree inclinable bino
  • 4 10x widefield eyepieces
  • Zeiss objective lens 175mm
  • Zeiss footswitch
  • Fiber-optic cable
  • Zeiss S-7 floorstand

Carl Zeiss Opmi Visu 150 Spesifications

Electrically controlled microscope

  • Smooth adjustment of zoom and focus via footswitch
  • Smooth light adjustment 
  • X-Y coupling 


  • Zoom adjustment from 3,5x to 20x
  • Magnification of the eyepieces: , doctor: 10x, assist: 10x
  • 180° Inclinable binocular tube(doctor) 
  • 45° Inclined binocular tube(assist) 
  • Objective lens f = 200mm APO 
  • XY: Tour of 40mm x 40mm with automatic centering 
  • Microscope tilt angle: +15°/-90° 
  • Illumination system: 
    • 6° - illumination can be continously faded in. This allows the illumination intensity in the surgical field to be adjusted continously, without changing the color of light 
    • +2° and -2° - An additional illumination system produces an intensive red reflex even when the eye is centered. The angle of illumination can be switched from +2° to -2° 
  • Aperture selector: 
    • Retro-illumination contrast-enhancing stop - this stop reduces the straylight reflected from the sclera 
    • Retinal protection device - this device ensures total eclipsing of the pupil, preventing light from entering into patient's eye 
  • Filter selection knob: 
    • UV1 GG 475 Filter: to protect the patient's eye during surgery against unnecessary(blue) radiation (retinal injury) 
    • KK 40 Filter: to increase the color temperature 
  • Halogen light source with fiber optic 
  • Type of lighting: Halogen 12V/100W 
  • Power supply: 115/230 V / 50-60 Hz